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Background checks – the key to confidence in your business and personal life

Background checks are the least understood and most useful part of a private detective’s repertoire. Sometimes they are a vital process in business life, allowing you to check out the history and background of a potential business partner or employee. At other times they serve to help you build trust in a personal relationship, whether that’s conducting a confidential background check on a new partner before committing to marriage/living together or looking into the past behaviour and current associates of a nanny or carer.


What is the difference between due diligence and background checks?

There is really no difference, although due diligence is the term more often used for examining the background of a business or organisation whilst background checks are more often conducted to look at the history and background of a person.


Why use a private detective for a background check?

At Private Detective Manchester we answer this question with another question. “How much is your peace of mind worth to you?” Many of the cheap online ‘background checks’ are little more than a quick computer search to see if the person has any outstanding warrants, debts (CCJs etc) and/or previous marriages. That is only the tip of the iceberg –  a vast amount of information that would be useful when considering a new relationship can’t be found online!

Dedicated private investigators with background check skills can use their discretion to skilfully uncover all the salient facts and hidden details that could help you make wise decisions, for example:

  • Establishing any aliases that could be used to hide financial information or covert relationships
  • Exploring history to discover the reliability and character of romantic partners, employees or business partners
  • Investigating at source rather than relying on databases that can contain outdated or even deliberately falsified information
  • Examining qualifications and experience to ensure that the claims made are genuine
  • Drawing upon a professional network to uncover any criminal behaviour that might have been concealed.

These kinds of research require careful investigation, the utmost sensitivity and a network of legal and other contacts who can assist in the often complex process of due diligence. Whilst we may cost a little more, we absolutely deliver the goods!


Why are background checks necessary?

The bitter truth is that while most people have nothing to hide, the few who do have a worrying past are very good at concealing it. If alarm bells ring for you, it’s good to be aware that most fraudsters, confidence tricksters and serial philanderers are extremely good at covering their tracks, so you – alone – are unlikely to get anything more than a vague suspicion that ‘things are too good to be true’ or ‘something doesn’t add up’. But an experienced private detective can take that suspicion and conduct exhaustive enquiries to discover if there is any merit to you concerns – more often than not, most people’s instincts are very good and using our investigative skills to check out your gut feeling will give you either complete confidence or a good reason to back off.

If you’re worried about a new relationship, or want the peace of mind of checking out the background of a loved one or business associate, you can call us in complete confidence for a free consultation on how to proceed. Please contact us


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