Corporate investigation services

Corporate Investigation – Business operations are prone to many forms of risk 

  • Theft of information (intellectual property, copyright, counterfeiting, data mining)
  • Information leaks and insecurity
  • Loss of data or risks to customer information
  • Threat of liability if information leaks or is stolen
  • Loss or theft of goods (pilferage, grey market activity etc)
  • Hacking risk (being used as a proxy for other illegal activity)
  • Financial impropriety (false accounting, embezzlement
  • Reputation damage if things go wrong

Discovering the reality or risk of these problem can also be called business investigation – a private detective’s job in these cases is to answer four key questions for their client.

  1. Is your company safe?
  2. Where are the risks?
  3. Who is putting your business at risk?
  4. Is there evidence of criminal activity?

Corporate risk is a huge area of concern and even small businesses are now exposed to the possibility of losing goods, intellectual property and income through the activity of criminals inside and outside the business.

At Private Detective Manchester we have a dedicated Corporate Investigation team. Based in the heart of Manchester, a thriving commercial city, they have wide experience of corporate risk and of conducting discreet corporate investigations to guarantee the safety and profitability of our clients.

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How private detectives help businesses succeed

Frustrating as it may be, wrong-doing, whether deliberate or accidental, can damage your business. It’s impossible to be on top of every activity your firm undertakes, especially as it grows. Confidence has to be placed in others – and that’s where Corporate Investigation comes in. Once you have tested the people and systems in your organisation, you know your confidence is well placed. From confidential background checks through to investigating your business security, our business investigations give you the tools to make your business better, more profitable and less at risk of harm from outside, or inside, your organisation. 

Most multinational organisations have dedicated departments for business audits, security and so on – if that’s not possible for you, you can still guarantee your own peace of mind by hiring an outside private investigator with specialist business skills to help you stay on top of internal risks and external threats. 

The simple truth is that if people are out to do you harm, they will probably do so based on their knowledge of you and your business – in other words, they will have a concealment strategy that keeps their activities hidden until it’s too late. A trained private detective has a huge advantage in knowing the warning signs for dubious behaviour so they can soon recognise where something is not quite right. 

And if your organisation is running well but still at risk, isn’t it better to know about it before the risk becomes reality? From physical security to data theft, modern businesses are exposed to all kinds of threats and our Manchester Private Detective agency is well versed in finding them all and helping you keep your business safe, secure and in profit.

If you have doubts about the security of your business call us today to get expert help in making your business stronger and better able to compete.