Covert surveillance services

Why use covert surveillance?

At Private Detective Manchester we advise our clients to use covert surveillance in two distinct ways: 

Covert surveillance is a specialist technique used to observe and gather evidence about an individual’s behaviour.

corporate covert surveillance helps businesses obtain information about fraudulent or illegal actions that may be harming their business success – this may include

  • fraudulent insurance claims 
  • poaching of clients
  • corporate sabotage and information leaks
  • deception 
  • claiming to be sick whilst working elsewhere
  • ‘backdooring’ clients or contractors
  • pilferage and embezzlement.

Personnel from our covert surveillance team use a range of surveillance techniques and modern technology to ensure that they get to the facts whilst leaving the person under surveillance completely unaware that their activities have been observed.

When considering the need for covert surveillance, efficiency, discretion and confidence in the operatives is of paramount importance. Whether you’re concerned about an employee’s behaviour, suffering from a malicious insurance claim, or believe your business is being defrauded in some way, our commercial covert surveillance team can help you discover the facts and deal with them effectively.

individual covert surveillance helps private individuals discover the facts about the behaviour or another individual – this is most commonly used where people need to:

  • trace an individual to an address
  • find out if a partner or spouse is cheating
  • explore if a spouse is hiding assets
  • establish patterns where a partner or spouse has child access rights and there is concern about their behaviour.

Individual covert surveillance is a demanding discipline and our clients need absolute confidence that we will protect their anonymity and do nothing to alert the individual to their actions being observed. That’s why we never outsource our covert surveillance to people who are not our direct employees, we put our private detective clients first and ensure that they can have total confidence in our probity and our performance. 

Covert surveillance or private investigator – which is best?

Covert surveillance is a technique that requires a private detective to be completely invisible to the person being observed. In addition to total discretion in observation, it’s vital that the private investigator be able to gather high quality evidence admissible in a court of law. This is why all our private detectives are employed by us and trained in covert surveillance procedures, no outsourcing to operatives we haven’t trained ourselves! 

The result is a covert surveillance team that blends seamlessly into the environment and has superb evidence-gathering skills. 


Why Hire Private Detective Manchester?

Over two decades of experience ensure that your case is handled by seasoned professionals. Under the guidance our Lead Private Detective, our trained covert surveillance operatives, who are also experienced private detectives, provide excellent results that can be used in a court of law where necessary. 

Our surveillance operatives are totally discreet and capable of working locally, nationally and internationally. This guarantees the quality of the covert surveillance and the evidence it gathers, ensuring that our clients get top class results that are consistent with their needs and the requirements of any court procedure which may be necessary.


Choosing the best covert surveillance team for your needs, contact us today.

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