Matrimonial investigation services

Matrimonial Investigations

Private Detective Manchester recognises the difficulty many clients feel in dealing with their suspicions about a cheating partner or marital infidelity. It’s horrible to have doubts about your husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend. 

Our matrimonial investigations are designed to put your mind at ease. Either we’ll find indisputable evidence that you’re being cheated on, or we’ll offer you complete certainty about your partner’s activities. 


Cheating partners – discovering the facts

Usually, there are reasons for suspicion – your partner’s behaviour may have changed, they may be spending less time at home or staying away ‘for work’. They may be texting (probably sexting) a lot more and conceal their mobile phone from you. If they have become irritable and evasive, hide their computer history and act guilty when you enter the room, you are probably wondering if your partner has a secret lover.If you’re experiencing any of these factors, then it’s the right time to contact us so we can help you discover the truth. 

At Private Detective Manchester we have a complete infidelity detection service, made up of experienced and skilled detectives who can personalise their activity to each client’s needs. This might include surveillance operatives to tail your cheating spouse, or covert investigations to discover what your partner is actually up to when they are out of the house. And if your partner travels overseas, our team of Directors have well-established and trusted personal contacts worldwide who can guarantee your confidentiality whilst providing top quality indisputable evidence of your partner’s behaviour. 

Because Private Detective Manchester maintains its own team of specialist matrimonial investigators, we commit to delivering the right answers swiftly and with perfect confidentiality. Your partner will never know we’ve had them under surveillance, investigated their habits and discovered the truth. Whatever we find out, we promise that you will never be compromised. We don’t outsource our investigations so we can guarantee the skills, experience and excellence of the private detective who will handle your case.


Divorce, separation and private investigation

For some couples, the process of divorce or separation can be an unpleasant one. It’s common for lawyers to be involved and for there to be a breakdown in communications. In such cases, many people find it vital to ensure their own best interests are served by hiring an experienced private detective to discover if the truth is being told, whether assets are being hidden and if they can rely on what their ex-partner is saying. 

The private investigators on our team have a sensitive and rigorous approach to the matter of separation and divorce. Nobody wants to go through a break-up, but once it becomes inevitable, having confidence that you know everything can make it easier to start a new life with the right information and the right assets from your separation. 

When matrimonial matters end up in court, it’s even more essential to be sure your ex isn’t hiding things – our private investigators have highly developed skills in finding concealed assets and hidden secrets and i providing admissible evidence that will help you get the settlement you deserve.

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