About PDM

Private Detective Manchester draws upon the background, training and personal investigative experience of its founder who has more than two decades of successful private investigations under his belt.

Professional Private Detectives with hands-on experience 

With a quite different ethos to many British Private Detective Agencies, we have a deliberate policy of not out-sourcing investigations to third parties. By maintaining all our detective work in-house we guarantee our results, are able to work more swiftly and effectively and can be relied upon to keep your information and your investigation completely confidential.

Our dedicated team of detectives come from a wide range of professional backgrounds so they can blend into many environments, and undertake swift and comprehensive investigations whilst reporting directly to your case handler who will communicate with you. This means Private Detective Manchester’s clients have immediate and sensitive updates on facts as they emerge on the ground, so you can have instant input into the progress of the investigation. Whether our clients are international corporations experiencing fraud or families seeking a lost loved one, our attitude remains the same – in-house expertise overseen by our experienced and professional founder, with swift and accurate client communication to guarantee complete peace of mind.  

How to find the right private detective for you

From our Manchester city centre offices, we work a range of cases across the UK and internationally, please feel free to call in and discuss your needs. Alternatively, you can call us and speak to one of our professional liaison team who will direct you to the best private detective in our team to offer you a free comprehensive consultation.

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