Process Serving

Perfect process serving in Manchester – And beyond.

At PDM, we offer a personal, professional service that ensures your documents will be served efficiently and effectively wherever required, whenever required – even on the same day, where necessary.

When it comes to process serving, many companies will take your business and then hand on your papers to a third party to be served. For them, it’s an easy, money-saving way to work. Of course, those savings won’t necessarily be passed on to you. You’ll still be charged their standard rate.

At PDM, we don’t work that way. 


Taking your business personally

We believe that, when you give us your business, you deserve our full attention and total commitment.

That’s why, when you use our services, we’ll pick up your documents in person and serve them in person. No third parties, no sub-contactors, nothing left to chance.

Wherever you need us to be, that’s exactly where we’ll go. Whether that’s in Manchester, nationally or even internationally.

We’ve taking instruction from Clients in the USA and taking action on their behalf in the UK – and we’re perfectly prepared and equipped to travel anywhere in the World you need us to go.

 And we’ll do that on terms that suit your needs perfectly.

Working exactly how you want us to

At PDM, we want you to see exactly where your money is going and exactly what you’re getting for it. So we charge a pre-agreed hourly rate + mileage, we’ll never commence instructions without providing an estimate of costs and we’ll always discuss any changes with you before taking action. 

No company that “farms out” their work can guarantee you that kind of quality of service. That’s why we don’t do it.

We know how hard you work on your cases. So we work just as hard to ensure that you get the best results, every time.


When it comes to process serving in Manchester and beyond, don’t take chances. Take on Private Detective Manchester.

  • Process Serving in Manchester, nationally and internationally
  • Same-day serving
  • Total confidentiality assured
  • Personal service – No sub-contactors
  • More than 20 years in the business 

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