Private Detective cost

What does a private detective cost?

Because each client’s needs are different, and because there’s no simple way to determine what a case will require before a free appraisal. That’s why we offer each of our clients the opportunity to explain their circumstances before laying out what resources are required to achieve a complete and satisfactory solution to the case. 

Once we have a full understanding of the situation we can offer an estimate based on the required resources and time that a successful conclusion will take. We also provide our investigation clients with a detailed breakdown of the expected costs, agree a budget and ensure that there is a dedicated liaison officer who will communicate directly with them, ensuring that they are fully in the picture about progress on the case.

How We calculate Our Fees

We charge our hourly rate plus associated costs (for obtaining intelligence or technical solutions).

Here’s the process in a bit more detail:

1 – Free Appraisal

The process begins with the client’s complimentary, no-obligation appraisal via telephone, secure encrypted email or our secure conferencing platform.

We can aim to provide specific, accurate quotes once we have received and understood the details of your case, and this free appraisal is essential to the process.

One of our expert private detectives takes the time to understand your current situation in detail, asking for the information we need to know and outlining how we may be able to assist you – We will conduct an appraisal with the sensitivity and discretion required. 

2 – Fee Calculation Process

On average, we take 24 hours to calculate an estimated of our likes fees and expenses. However, some complex cases may take longer.

Example of an estimate.

Five hours @ £80.00 per hour + expense of £20.00 

We estimate hours required accurately using trusted tools and our vast experience successfully assessing and delivering to clients. 


3 – Delivery and Unpressurised Approach

We aim to send an estimate via email and then Leave the opportunity for any questions.

After this point, everything is on the client’s time and wishes. We do not chase or hurry our potential clients. After many years we understand that clients will come back when ready to move forward.


Private investigations and fieldwork 

Each investigation is unique and each client’s requirements are similarly individual – we build into our case load the special requirements for discretion, confidentiality and reporting structures that give clients full information at the earliest opportunity whilst also ensuring that the subject of any investigation is completely unaware of the investigation itself. 

Because we keep all our investigations in-house, without sub-contracting to outside detectives who present both a security risk and may not have the comprehensive skills base that we, at Private Detective Manchester, expect of professional investigators, we guarantee the calibre of our private detectives which means that our clients have the swiftest results possible, and that we can ensure the information they give us, and the results they receive from us, are completely secure. Cheaper services often mean that investigations will be outsourced to individuals who may not be well trained, reliable or even may leak information to the wrong people through inadequate skills or training.  Cheapest, for these reasons, may end up more expensive in the long run.

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