What can a Private Detective do for you that a Tracing Agency can’t?

If you need to trace a person, then logically a tracing agency might seem like your best choice.

However, most tracing agencies operate a “no trace – no fee” service. 

While that may seem like a good deal, there’s one problem. 

That deal gives the tracing agency a very real incentive to provide you with information quickly. And that means any information. 

If they find an address, that means their job is done. 

They have no reason to check if the person is actually at that address or to make further enquiries. 

They’ve provided an address. They get their fee.

If they don’t find an address easily, then no fee, no problem.

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Private detectives don’t work that way. 

At Private Detective Manchester, we have access to the same databases, we have the same skill sets, but there’s a difference.  We do real research, we find information, we check that information, we check it again and then we make enquiries. In person. 

Even if that means conducting covert enquiries, which could prove personally dangerous. We don’t stop looking until find the person you’re looking for. In person.


It’s a service that goes much further than your average tracing agency is prepared and equipped to go.


Case Studies

Traced, located, served.

We often work on behalf of law firms looking for defendants in serious matters. In these matters, a successful trace, achieved quickly is crucial.

In this particular case, we ran a database search and quickly discovered an address for the person in question. Of course, at this point most tracing agencies would have considered their job done and simply submitted a report. However, upon checking the information, we learnt that subject of the investigation had moved on several weeks ago. So we continued our search, resulting in a positive trace. 

We then made further enquires, negotiated with our contacts and upon locating the subject, we served that subject with our client’s documents. 

Only then did we consider our work done.


Family Reunited.

Sometimes our work has a real happy ending.

We recently acted on behalf of a client in Australia who had not seen his sister for over 30 years. In fact, the last address could give us was the old family home and he could not even recall her date of birth.  

Here, tracing the person we were looking for involved accessing records, applying for quite sensitive information and making real in depth enquiries. Something tracing agencies often seem to find too difficult. 

Following extensive investigations, we actually met with our client’s sister in person. We then agreed with our client that we would ask if she did in fact want to make contact. 

The sister was delighted, our private detective called the client and handed over the ‘phone. At that point, we stepped back and let the reunion begin.

We don’t think there’s a tracing agency in the world who could have achieved that.

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